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Grow your bitcoin nest egg – with transparency and control. Simple and passive strategies starting at 8% APY (historical).

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I like Atomic.Finance because they are transparent about risk. It allows you to draw a box around the risk you’re taking so you can make rational decisions to limit your exposure.
Other interest products are black boxes that expose you to unknowable amounts of risk.

- Lyle Pratt, CEO of Vida Live

I love that Atomic.Finance uses native bitcoin tech to build a product that is nearly trustless and eliminates counterparty risk.

It's one of my favourite Bitcoin products, and I'm excited about the future of Sound Finance!

- Joe Burnett, Host of Blockware Intelligence Podcast

Using Atomic.Finance, I can select a strategy that matches my risk appetite and seek to make a portion of my stack a productive asset - all while neutralizing counterparty risk. That’s real decentralized finance.

- Conner, Bitcoiner Class of 2018

The Atomic Finance guys are very honest and clear about the risks of selling premium.  The differentiator of this product is being able to sell calls against your BTC while retaining custody. You don't have to send your coins to SBF or convert them to WBTC to sell premium.

- astr0, Bitcoin Twitter anon

Centralized yield solutions don't work...

Custodial yield solutions have been falling like dominoes. Why do we keep trusting them?
June '22
Celsius Network

$4.7B+ owed to depositors

Voyageur Digital

$1B+ owed to depositors

July '22
Nov ' 22

$1.3B+ owed to depositors

Genesis Global

$3.5B+ owed to depositors

Nov ' 22

Your bitcoin deserves a non-custodial alternative, one where you can't be rugged.

Sound Finance for Sound Money

True financial sovereignty for your bitcoin.

No counterparty risk.

Nobody can access your bitcoin, or censor your transactions. Ever.

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Invest Image

Know your risk.

Your bitcoin is too precious to entrust to a black box. With Sound Finance, know exactly what your risks are.

No rehypothecation.
On-chain verification.

Monitor your Bitcoin's location on-chain, at any time while you're invested in a strategy.

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Powered by Bitcoin's Native Properties (DLCs)

DLCs are an open-source standard for writing financial contracts natively on Bitcoin.
No wrapping / swapping required.

Learn more about DLCs →

Set your sats on (transparent) autopilot

Grow your bitcoin nest egg with Passive Strategies.

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Uses options: A proven tool from traditional finance

Passive Strategies use options to earn off of Bitcoin’s price volatility in a low risk, conservative manner.

Passive "Set-and-Forget" Growth

As a long-term bitcoin holder, you don’t have time to trade or monitor the markets.

That’s why strategies are designed to be automated and passive over time. Through rigorous backtesting, they adapt to different market conditions automatically to provide the best balance of risk and reward.

No options experience? No problem

Whether you are new to options or have used them for years, Atomic.Finance provides in-app education to help you get up to speed.

Get up and running in 5 minutes

Atomic.Finance in the Bitcoin community 🥳

Built for Bitcoiners, by Bitcoiners.

Here at Atomic.Finance, our mission is to make bitcoin finance as self-sovereign, transparent, and verifiable as bitcoin itself.

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